My Work

I am available for hire as a web developer.

My skillset is mostly in front-end implementation—HTML, CSS, light JavaScript—and WordPress development.

See my portfolio.

Please email me if you’d like to talk about working together.


This is what I can do for you:

  • WordPress
    • installation and maintenance
    • customization and theming (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript)
    • custom post types and editors
    • migration from other CMS’s
  • implementing HTML and CSS from PSDs/designs/comps
  • standards-compliant HTML5
  • CSS
    • cross-browser, standards-compliant CSS3
    • responsive design
    • animation
    • SASS
    • frameworks
      • Twitter Bootstrap
      • Compass
  • front-end build and deployment processes with Grunt
  • jQuery and jQuery UI basic user interaction and interface animation
  • IE/legacy browser support 
progressive enhancement, shims and polyfills
  • integrating deliverables directly into web apps
 Rails, Django, Node.js, PHP
  • version control using Git and Subversion
 familiarity with both GitHub and BitBucket
  • performance tuning
 reducing HTTP request counts and sizes, conditional resource loading, spritemaps, minification, concatenation
  • Google AMP custom AMP templates and integration with WP-AMP
  • implementing drop-in JavaScript APIs 
e.g., Google Maps, Facebook Comments, Google Analytics
  • web fonts, TypeKit, Cloud.typography, Google Fonts, Web Font Loader JS
  • SVG icons and icon fonts
  • copywriting and editing